What is Baccarat ? Rules and Strategy of the Baccarat Game

Baccarat also known as Punto Banco is a very popular game played in all land based and online casinos globally. The Punto Banco table is just as big as a traditional craps table but with three dealers and about 14 players.

During a Baccarat game, there are only two principal bets to place known as Banker or Player also Banco or Punto or perhaps the more scarcely used term Standoff. In some casinos players are even allowed to take turn in dealing cards while most of them have a casino dealer who deals the cards. On the online version, the cards are automatically dealt using a virtual dealer algorithm.

baccarat_1Every player regardless of who deals the card is allowed to bet on either the Punto or Banco but in the traditional rule, the dealer bets on Banco. Players who aren’t interested in dealing may opt not to thereby passing the turn known as “Shoe” to the next player. As long as the bank wins, the shoe will remain with one player however once the Punto wins then the shoe is passed to another player.

Normally, there are two hands dealt and the player is then expected to place a bet on which will win or if there will be a tie. This process is very similar to placing bets on either Black or Red at roulette. In Baccarat, the playoff is 1:1 except for the standoff which pays 8-9 or 9-1. While players can bet on either of Banco or Punto, it is important to note that you will be charged a 5% commission also referred to as tax in some casinos from your built-in-casino.

The casinos reason for placing a levy on the Banco is because for every 8-deck cards played, the Banco will win three or four more hands than the Punto.

Every hand has a minimum of two and not more than three cards. The dealer puts two cards face down otherwise referred to as tucked under the shoe and then give the player who placed the largest bet on Punto the other two cards also faced down.

baccarattThe player who bet on Punto then looks at the cards and then returns them to the player who deals the card who will then turn over cards of both hands. The casino dealer will then announce the results and the winner.

If any of the two hands totals about 8 or 9 points with the highest being 9 then it is called a “Natural” and then no more cards are dealt. If it is not a natural then the value of each hand will determine the decision of the casino dealer on whose instruction the casino dealer will then deal a third round. This third round dealing strictly follows a set of rules that is used by all casinos.

After cards are dealt, the hand that has the highest count wins. The casino dealer will then collect the losing bets before he commences payments for the winning ones. Even where a player deals the cards, he knows nothing about payouts because he is just like every other player hoping to get the best of the casino.

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