Rules of the Blackjack – Strategy and Tips


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Blackjack has been around for little more than 100 years but despite this relatively short period of existence, it has solidified its reputation as a blast in the minds of its lovers. The earliest history dates back to France and Spain and from there found its way to virtually all the online gaming establishments worldwide. Blackjack is perhaps the most played card game in the world and has as a result evolved with several styles of play, rules and regulation. However, the real essence of the game has so far been jealously preserved and with blackjack online, it is 21 or bust.

From a layman’s view of the events that naturally surround the blackjack game, it appears quite simple if it is just to continue to draw cards, attempt to outscore the dealer and ensure that you don’t go over 21 at any point in time. Despite its simplicity, many players have yet to get a hang of the logic and numbers behind the process, in fact some gamblers even adopt new theories of their own thereby disregarding the basic skill and strategy with which blackjack has been associated for years. Now, it is important to note that the online version of blackjack is pretty more complex than the original version in the sense that it requires more than pulling numbers randomly and any player who forsakes logic and reasoning while playing the game has only prepared himself for a terrible failure. Although there are very few changes to the finer points of playing blackjack, the online version has several guides to excelling at it.

One of the most interesting things you get to feel while engrossed in a game of blackjack is the periodic highs and lows that could be experienced in just a single session. This occurrence is typically due to the fast pace of the game and players have been known to earn big winnings one moment and see it go down the drain in the next. The randomness of some of the wins and losses of the game is a major culprit in explosiveness of the game but once a player masters the art, he is able to play in such ways that the odds stack in his Favour.

Before you become turned off because of the complexities which you may believe is involved, be assured that most of the strategy that will win you the big bucks while playing blackjack will stem from your ability to follow simple instructions on things to do and those to avoid. The rate at which you will improve is directly a function of how well you master these instructions and more likely practice the strategy. Unfortunately, what most gamblers do is to learn these strategies without necessarily practicing them only to use them when they play the game, now while this may bring good earnings sometime, it won’t really improve your expertise of the game. You could also leverage on casinos with “Play for Free” options and even those that offer bumper welcome bonus packages so that you can master and test your skills set significantly before you turn up the heat.

blackjack strategy and tips

The To Dos

Ensure you take regular breaks: Just like every form of gambling, the game of blackjack is energy sapping and is sure to take its toll on your mind so to make sure that you are in control at all times, it is important to take periodic time offs, the casinos understand this logic hence there are no clocks on the website, the idea is to get you carried away such that you won’t even be able to tell how much time you’ve spent. You begin to grow weary and then mistakes become inevitable. More so, the gaming house understands that the more hours you spend, the higher you spend within the spree which is why it is advisable that you take breaks to cool off and weigh things up again before you continue. The good thing is if you are playing online then you can use the computer clock as this will keep you abreast of time thereby ensuring that you are fully in charge.

Efficient Money Management: What the casino wants is for you to keep spending money to your own detriment while you continue to hope to earn so much. This is where most players falling into the trap set by the gaming house. Our advice is that you stay atop of the situation and keep in mind every penny you have spent or lost during a gaming session. Again, if your aren’t up to your game, be quick to opt for the free blackjack games offered by many of the casinos around and if you must wager, it is better to have a set amount that you are willing to spare for the night in a separate account such that even if you lose track of money spent, you can never spend more than your budget for the night.

Accept Defeat and Move On: Please bear in mind that as it is with all sports, you win some you lose the others. Having this mindset before you play blackjack online is as important as the drive to win itself. It is true that on some days you will earn so big that it might seem you are the master of blackjack but on some days, your losing streak will be long enough to pass across the Amazon. However, do not be dismayed and deal with the situation maturely. Self-control is key.

casino blackjack

To Avoid

Avoid Alcohol: Just a little to drink is all it takes to throw your night of its course. This advice is explanatory in itself. Even when you are playing blackjack out of the comfort of your home, a bottle of two of beer is still more than enough to hamper your judgment. To fare well in the game there is a need to make the right decisions and those don’t come from a booze- stricken brain.

Don’t Fall for the Online Blackjack Betting Systems:  The internet is full of creepy people, some of whom may claim to have master tricks on how to guide to big earnings in blackjack online but you will do yourself a lot of good if you steer clear of them. All they use is some probability jargons and is not going to make your gambling experience any easier.

Sham Insurance Offers: Most casinos will offer some pay back to cushion the loss incurred by players and this act of “generosity” somehow imply to some players that they could lose as much as they want since a chunk of it will eventually be written off. However, what the casinos know and you don’t is that they are likely not to pay anything out to you and the amount of money that players will spend to subscribe to this insurance policy far exceeds any loss that will eventually be written off. So it’s another case of penny wise pound foolish.

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