Casino War Card Game Strategy – Tips & Tricks

If you played “War” as a little kid then you will be able to relate to the Casino War game mainly because most of the basic strategies of the game you played and enjoyed several years ago are comparable to the card game that is Casino War. Traditionally, each player gets a card and the player with the highest card value wins.

Where there is a tie, you and all other players will deal three dead cards and one that’s facing up for all players involved. The player of this hand is declared the winner. Nothing could be easier, right?

The game Casino war is available at some online casinos and usually to newbies playing the game, they may feel like the odds are quite neutral and the casino has no edge but just like any other casino game, there are exceptions and this is what gives the casino an edge.

How to Play Casino War

Playing Casino war in an online casino is very similar to what obtains on a blackjack table in the sense that you face in the dealer on the one table and other players who are equally menacing on the other hand. Once you make abet, the dealer hands you a card and he also takes one for himself.

The ranks of the cards are then compared. If the dealer’s cards are higher than yours then you lose your bet and cards but if you are lucky and you have higher count on your cards, you win even money on the casino. I’m sure by now, this is shaping up to be a quite fair game to you and in all honesty, it is. Now, what happens when there is a tie?

casino-war-whWhile it is standard in many other online casino games especially blackjack, the result of a tie is usually a push which implies that the casino doesn’t claim your money and neither can you claim theirs. However, in Casino war, when you tie with the dealer, there is a new twist to it because instead of both parties retaining their bets, you get to increase your stakes which must be equal to the initial bet you have on the table.

This act is commonly referred to as “going to war”. The dealer then deals three deal cards both for you and herself with a face up card for both sides. You still see it as even right? Wait a moment, at this stage if you win, the only earning that accrues to you is the initial bet you placed before you went to war however, if the dealer emerges the victor, the house keeps all your investments.

Now, calm down a bit because, to be frank, there is not much that you can do to change the rules other than to ensure that you get the better of the dealer. Moving on, we feel obligated to familiarize you with the other options associated with Casino War including:

Surrender: When there is a tie, you may opt not to go to war and just surrender. Even in real life war scenarios, your captor might be more inclined to reduce your punishment and that is what the casino does in this case, they only walk away with half of your bet. Sounds unfair? Ok, feel free to “go to war”

You could also decide to bet on the tie. This can be done by placing a side wager at the beginning of the game that the game will end in a tie then when it does, you will win on an odd of about 10 to1. While this sounds very great you should still know that the house has a whopping 18.65% edge on your bet. So even betting on a possible draw becomes foolhardy. No need to frown mate, that’s how it is.

Based on our earlier explanations, it is easy to conclude that the most realistic  decisions for you to make in this game is either surrender or go to war in the event of a tie. There are a few strategies that suggest that you can make one decision every time over the other decision until you are able to arrive at one that really suit your style but since this is a game of odds and luck, there is no one correct strategy.

For instance, when you surrender every time there is a tie, the house has a 3.7% edge while if you take the other route they still have 2.88% so what do we suggest…Go to war each time there is a tie. Never surrender because if you don’t you may win but if you do, you are doomed,

By now, you may be asking yourself if playing this game is actually worth your time and money but then that decision is wholly yours to decide but per industry standards, we don’t consider a house edge of 2.88% too outrageous particularly if you are not interested in sticking to any one strategy.

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