Types of Online Casino Slots Games

Online Slots Games Summary

The Slots game is basically luck based but if one picks the best casinos with the best promotional offers then the chances of making quite a fortune from the game is assured even if the winnings is split into cash, reload bonuses or even free spins.

It’s hard to get a gambling game as intriguing as slots mainly because players can place a single bet that can bring about a lifetime change. The interesting thing is that the online slots game offers the exact same opportunity except that the tedious process of endlessly dropping coins or sometimes tokens into the machine to activate a game is eliminated. You can now at a click of the mouse start your game and this allows for greater attention to detail on your part. It also makes it easier for you to keep accurate tabs on your spending since you don’t have to keep an eye on a bagful of tokens anymore.

best online slotsThe Traditional Vs. Online Slots

Just like the dichotomy between digital and analogue, the contest between the traditional brick and mortar slots game and their online counterpart could not be easier to decide. The wide array of online slots machines available allows players to have a terrific experience and also win large sums of cash which in comparison, blows the brick and mortar out of the water. Players can also win both big and very small cash in the online slots game depending on how many symbols they are able to match. The implication of this is that winnings can come in a wide variety of ways which is why many slots lovers have continued to play to play the game on a daily basis without even the faintest signs of boredom.

The many different kinds of online slots machines include but are not limited to the traditional three-reel machines and video slots which allows for different games to be played and consequently yielding more payouts. Players are also able to play various themed slots games on most online casinos.

Furthermore, in determining the outcome of the game, the online slots adopt the latest and most sophisticated technology to ensure that fairness and transparency is attained. The technology also brings about user influence in the sense that the results are literally generated by you and mostly depends on the exact time you want to play. To a significant extent, one can be assured that any iota of bias is not to be expected during a game of slots. A fair chance awaits you and your winnings solely depend on when you spin the wheel.

Words to Watch Out For

When playing slots online, there is the need to familiarize one with some commonly used words to ensure some smooth sailing particularly in the “baby steps” days. We have a few for you.

  • Paylines: The paylines are the lines that players can chose to place a bet on. A slot will surely have several paylines and the more the merrier for you.
  • Paytable: This displays information on certain symbols, the winnings they offer and most importantly, symbols that may activate a bonus round.
  • Bonus round: When a player gets an extra round for playing a slots game, this extra round is called the bonus round. The bonus round is mostly synonymous with earning extra coins from playing coin games.
  • Scatter: This refers to earning multiple awards on the total bet by spinning two or more scatter symbols
  • Wild: In slots games, certain symbols can be used to substitute any other symbol. These symbols are referred to as wild symbols. For instance if you have two symbols and a scatter, the wild card will assume the identity of the two other symbols thereby earning you more cash.
  • Total bet: this is how much money you’ve placed overall on the slot machine, adding up all the different lines.
  • Total bet: This is basically the summation of all the money you have staked across all lines on the slots machine.
  • Random Number Generator: Otherwise known as RNG is the software embedded in the game that ensures that hundreds of random symbols can be selected per second. This is another way of ensuring fairness and transparency in the game.
  • Multiplier: This is the value by which your winnings are multiplied. It is usually synonymous to free spins or reel wins.


Types of Slot Games

  • 3-reel slots

The 3-reel slots are what most people are conversant with due to the fact that they are the traditional slot machine. The excitement of the spin is also astutely replicated online such that players can derive the same level of fun as if they are in the actual casino. The 3-reel slots are also the easiest to play. A player must match three icons to win the jackpot but different payouts also come when players match different icons. This allows for several wins. The 3-reel slot is a great way to enjoy ones time online while standing a great chance to win big

  • 5-reel

The major difference in the 5-reel is that a player must match 5 icons instead of 3 to win the jackpot but as it is with greater risks, they come with higher rewards. The online 5-reel slots include unique unrepeated fun bonus rounds.

  • Pub slots

Pub slots are also known as the fruit machines when compared to their counterparts in the traditional brick and mortar casino. They allow for much bigger jackpots. The uniqueness of this game is that players have to match the fruit symbols. There is an accumulative algorithm that influences payouts so the more the money that all the players involved in a single session stake the bigger the amount made by the overall winner.

  • Progressive slots

This kind of slots ensures that the jackpot increases as the game progresses. The implication of this game is that the number of slot games played surely influences the eventual payout. Be warned that these games are addictive mainly because the more games played the greater the jackpot and chance of eventual winning. The good thing is that when playing online, it is easier to monitor the amount of money up for grabs but the downside is that every other player is also able to view the cash prize. This game gives an almost actual vibe of the online gaming community involved in scaling up the jackpot.

online slotsTips to succeed with slots

It is true that most of the online slot machine games are luck-based, however, there are strategies that could heap the odds in ones favor if carefully followed. By making yourself aware of the opportunities, you can better control the game even though it is advisable to practice more to be conversant with the games.

Importantly, the player must be thoughtful of the kind of games he chooses to play mainly because each of them offers different gaming experiences. There are some with a fixed line of play while others have very dynamic playlines. The dynamic playlines offers more choice with regards to the terms of the game and you could win more earnings playing them.

You must also consider the number that the machine is offering. This amount shows the payout limit of the casino for that particular bet. However, the odds can differ from game to game so it is really critical for you to have a full grasp of the game statistics before you commence playing. The symbols on each reel is also very important and the fewer they are the greater your chance of winning big although the payout will significantly reduce. On a final note, there is no single hard way to winning big, so the player must weigh all his options and decide which kind of game best suits him.

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