50% up to €250

Bwin Casino Summary

Bwin casino is a subsidiary of the Bwin Party Digital Entertainment Company which is one of the leading gaming enterprises world-wide. The group has been around since 1997 but the online casino was introduced 4 years later. Bwin Casino is one of the pioneers of online gaming outfits which was why a lot of their players are very experienced and have stuck to them for quite some time.

Having understood the importance of integrity and customer confidence in the success of any online casino, Bwin has continued to improve their reputation particularly by obtaining the famous Gibraltar License that is only issued to casinos that have been through series of rigorous verification protocols. Another strong point for Bwin is the safety and timeliness of payouts. Customers are able to withdraw their earnings without any hassles and even if there is a payment related issue, there is a dedicated customer support that earnestly responds to queries. New players are also treated to a generous bonus once registration is completed.

Bwin Casino; Unfounded Rumors

The Bwin Casino has been a victim of several spurious claims about their services particularly with reference to the cash out limit in cases where a player has very high earnings. In the process of putting together this review, I have tried to no avail to get any site that has substantiated claims of any service malpractice against Bwin even though the rumor continues to spread at an alarming rate. That been said, it doesn’t remove the possibility that such cases may have occurred sometime but I have lots of acquaintances that use Bwin and I would have heard a gist if it was a going thing with the casino. Personally, it defies logic that a casino will place a limit on the withdrawals of high earners when the real idea behind most gaming enterprise is usually the huge jackpot. Despite all these nay sayings, Bwin Casino has good investor confidence which is obvious with the way more players continue to sign up.

Bwin Casino Bonus and Promotion

When a new player registers at the Bwin casino, there is a 50% bonus which can be up to 250 euros on offer. It is also possible to use this bonus to play for free as long as the initial deposit has been transacted not less than 40 times in the casino. This policy places Bwin at an average when bonuses are categorized because there are only a few casinos that do not match or even surpass their less stringent requirements. Some few things that does it for me is the level of security that the casino has and how transparent their bonus conditions are.


Bwin Casino Security

From personal experience and those shared with me by many of my friends, the payouts at the Bwin Casino are second to none.  Once your personal information has been duly verified, the entire withdrawal process is seamless. The payout speed isn’t really bad either although it depends largely on your specified payment method. A thorough search of the internet has not revealed even a single complain from a user about payouts at Bwin except for cases where some customers had issues with payouts that Bwin refused. Most times these payouts are bonus related and the customer has failed to meet some of the conditions tied to the bonus.  Nonetheless, all these shows in no subtle terms that Bwin holds its customers in very high esteem.

Free Casino Software from Bwin

Users are able to download the casino software free of charge and they are not required to make deposits immediately. Also you can access the Bwin Casino for free to a significant extent using the free version which you can play with dummy money. Using any of the free models, you are able to use the Bwin Casino completely without having to part with your money. Many users have been able to test run the software on their system using this process and you can also do the same.

Bwin Casino Support and Customer Service

I have seen many casinos and how they treat customer requests but none of them comes close to how Bwin handles their customer support. For starters, they have an outstanding Email-Customer-Service no thanks to the timeliness of response and because you may also want to talk to a customer service officer they have put in place an excellent telephone support team although you will still be billed for using their hotline. While it is true that Bwin Casino has ensured that the telephone charges are at a much reduced rate, a cost-free service line is ideal for such situations. Many of the Bwin scam preachers have argued that the tolled-telephone service is a pointer to a possible scam by the gaming outfit, but I feel if Bwin were to perpetrate a scam, a billed telephone service is the most illogical place to start from.

My Take

Bwin Casino is a serious business and they have strived to portray that at every given opportunity. I have no reason to second guess any of their policy decisions partly because they are a Gibraltar Licensed gaming establishment and also because they are quoted on the stock exchange which is not common in the gaming industry. The listing assures players that information about transactions of the company will be properly audited thereby reducing the risk to fraud. Like I informed earlier, the customer service at Bwin is unrivalled coupled with a generous bonus package. Payout policy, speed and timing could not be easier but then there will always be critics. However, even those who feel the Bwin Casino might have an element of scam in it are only able to point out the significantly reduced but all the same tolled telephone customer care

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50% up to €250

Bwin - by , August 23, 2016
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When a new player registers at the Bwin Ccasino, there is a 50% bonus which can be up to 250 Euros.